Alphabet Activity

Hey Everyone,

I got the camera on my Samsung working! It took some time to downgrade the ROM but, it is now working so I can post whenever I feel like it!

I’ve decided to do some alphabetical drawing activities. I am going to try and draw various objects starting with A, B, C, etc. Some may be simple lazy pen and paper quick draws and others will be the more detailed Wacom Tablet and MyPaint ones.

I can’t guarantee there will be an A to Z post every day but, I will be trying to post often. I also will be directly looking at objects I am sketching, whether they be in pictorial form on the computer or a real-life object.

I am not doing any tracing at this point. I know it is a way to learn but, I want to do some more on my own before trying to mimic the art of others and make changes to it.

Luis Escobar wrote a great email/article some time back about tracing and turning it into something completely different in order to learn vs. tracing, changing some clothing and hair and then claiming it is your own work. Check out his website at and join the mailing list. There is some great stuff there!

When I do start trace work, be it in terms of using a digital image as a background in MyPaint or placing a drawing under the cover of my Wacom, I will always cite the original artist and work via link, so as to give the artist credit where it is due.

– Chris


Digging into the Downgrade

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and downgrade my Android to a ROM based off the stock ROM. It is still customized and also has a custom brain/kernel, but it is not the latest Android version.

However, all of the newer ROMs for my Samsung Galaxy Player do not allow for the use of the main camera. I never had a use for the camera up until now, but, now that I do, I have to have that particular part of my device working.

It is just too much of a pain to scan in the sketches when I can simply take a picture of them and have them post to the site.

Hopefully this update/downgrade process will not have any issues along the way.

– Chris

A Possible Solution

I may have found a solution but, it will require restricting sketching to at home. I have an older Wacom Graphire 4 drawing tablet which I occasionally use for photo manipulations and minor things like that. However, I have never used it for sketching due to an issue with GIMP having bugs with the device.

In addition to the issues with GIMP, I also have never really used a drawing tablet for sketching. I have always found a kind of mental disconnect with a drawing tablet between the visual output and the physical input. Simply put, it is hard for me to look at a computer screen when drawing instead of seeing the lines created on paper. The stylus and tablet also don’t “feel” the same as a pen and paper. This is something I would have to get used to.

I have found an open source art program called My Paint which effectively supports my Graphire 4 drawing tablet, which is nice.

So, I may start sketching at home using these tools. The only drawback is that I will need to scan in any drawings which are not created at home. Either that or I would need to downgrade my Android version back to a stock-based ROM in order to get the back camera working.

Maybe I will have the opportunity to test the tablet and My Paint tonight while watching TV. If so, I will post the results accordingly.

– Chris

Posting Will Be A Pain

It is time to get a bit geeky.

I primarily use a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 as my smart device. It is a wifi only device and has had a custom ROM (operating system) installed because the manufacturer has not updated the operating system since the device was released.

The problem with this is that a user misses out on the stability, security, and speed increases that come with newer versions of the Android software. So, I installed a ROM with the newest version of Android.

While it is great having the latest and greatest, it also comes with its problems. In the case of my Samsung Galaxy Player the biggest problem is the rear/picture taking camera not working. None of the updated ROMs are able to get the darn camera to take pictures due to complex issues between the camera firmware, the camera driver, and the device firmware. This means that I can essentially get a low-quality cheapo picture from the camera but, that is about it.

This is going to make posting my sketches a pain and will necessitate me using a scanner or a camera at home. UGH.

So much for a great start to the blog.


PS. There were some individuals working on a fix for the camera but, no updates have been posted since August.

Welcome to Squid Crossing

Welcome to Squid Crossing, where I post random sketches that I draw.
I am still working out finding a simple way to upload images.  Unfortunately, PACRom/Cyanogenmod does not like the front camera on my Samsung Galaxy Player so, the only solution is to use panoramic mode on the camera in order to get the image.  This results in a low-quality, blurry, and just plane ugly capture.

My sketches might not be good but, seeing the details of how bad they are might be nice.  I may just have to bring my book of sketches home and scan them in.