Posting Will Be A Pain

It is time to get a bit geeky.

I primarily use a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 as my smart device. It is a wifi only device and has had a custom ROM (operating system) installed because the manufacturer has not updated the operating system since the device was released.

The problem with this is that a user misses out on the stability, security, and speed increases that come with newer versions of the Android software. So, I installed a ROM with the newest version of Android.

While it is great having the latest and greatest, it also comes with its problems. In the case of my Samsung Galaxy Player the biggest problem is the rear/picture taking camera not working. None of the updated ROMs are able to get the darn camera to take pictures due to complex issues between the camera firmware, the camera driver, and the device firmware. This means that I can essentially get a low-quality cheapo picture from the camera but, that is about it.

This is going to make posting my sketches a pain and will necessitate me using a scanner or a camera at home. UGH.

So much for a great start to the blog.


PS. There were some individuals working on a fix for the camera but, no updates have been posted since August.


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