A Possible Solution

I may have found a solution but, it will require restricting sketching to at home. I have an older Wacom Graphire 4 drawing tablet which I occasionally use for photo manipulations and minor things like that. However, I have never used it for sketching due to an issue with GIMP having bugs with the device.

In addition to the issues with GIMP, I also have never really used a drawing tablet for sketching. I have always found a kind of mental disconnect with a drawing tablet between the visual output and the physical input. Simply put, it is hard for me to look at a computer screen when drawing instead of seeing the lines created on paper. The stylus and tablet also don’t “feel” the same as a pen and paper. This is something I would have to get used to.

I have found an open source art program called My Paint which effectively supports my Graphire 4 drawing tablet, which is nice.

So, I may start sketching at home using these tools. The only drawback is that I will need to scan in any drawings which are not created at home. Either that or I would need to downgrade my Android version back to a stock-based ROM in order to get the back camera working.

Maybe I will have the opportunity to test the tablet and My Paint tonight while watching TV. If so, I will post the results accordingly.

– Chris


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