Alphabet Activity

Hey Everyone,

I got the camera on my Samsung working! It took some time to downgrade the ROM but, it is now working so I can post whenever I feel like it!

I’ve decided to do some alphabetical drawing activities. I am going to try and draw various objects starting with A, B, C, etc. Some may be simple lazy pen and paper quick draws and others will be the more detailed Wacom Tablet and MyPaint ones.

I can’t guarantee there will be an A to Z post every day but, I will be trying to post often. I also will be directly looking at objects I am sketching, whether they be in pictorial form on the computer or a real-life object.

I am not doing any tracing at this point. I know it is a way to learn but, I want to do some more on my own before trying to mimic the art of others and make changes to it.

Luis Escobar wrote a great email/article some time back about tracing and turning it into something completely different in order to learn vs. tracing, changing some clothing and hair and then claiming it is your own work. Check out his website at and join the mailing list. There is some great stuff there!

When I do start trace work, be it in terms of using a digital image as a background in MyPaint or placing a drawing under the cover of my Wacom, I will always cite the original artist and work via link, so as to give the artist credit where it is due.

– Chris


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