Angry Android

Angry Android

Roll Away The Stone

A random sketch that turned out to be a Sunday message.  I guess the Holy Spirit even inspires scribblers like me.

Roll Away the Stone

Random Guy

I started this in a pencil brush, then moved to a ballpoint pen brush.

Random Guy

Little House on the Hill

This is my first attempt at sketching with My Paint and the Wacom Graphire 4.  This was using a pencil brush.

Little House on the Hill

Little House on the Hill

Welcome to Squid Crossing

Welcome to Squid Crossing, where I post random sketches that I draw.
I am still working out finding a simple way to upload images.  Unfortunately, PACRom/Cyanogenmod does not like the front camera on my Samsung Galaxy Player so, the only solution is to use panoramic mode on the camera in order to get the image.  This results in a low-quality, blurry, and just plane ugly capture.

My sketches might not be good but, seeing the details of how bad they are might be nice.  I may just have to bring my book of sketches home and scan them in.

Original Squid Crossing Image

The first render of the Squid Crossing idea.  I apologize for the image quality.  There will eventually be a better version of this for a header image on the site.